Nov 26 2018

How to make an appointment?

Hello dears! Let me tell you some information about me.

How to make an appointment with me and what time I am available.

Escort dating is not my main activity. Thats why sometimes my phone is off, I don't respond. However, I have to say, I now don't have daily work with fixed hours,  you can contact me anytime of the day or night.
At the moment, I upload whats app contact additionally to my phone and email, you can  reach me there as well. Please, If you really would like to meet, right me directly when and where. It is tricky, once you advert your phone in Internet with free sms/calls, a lot of people write you. Many strangers texting for fun with no idea to meet, with only sexual questions. So write shortly and clearly to undertand when and where you wish to meet.  Otherwise I can think that you are having fun, I'll block or ignor you.
I do not intend to have long conversations. I am sorry, I dont know who is writing me. 
And additionally, I am not going to make virtual friendship with strangers, that every day  ask me: "Hello, how are you? Where are you? What are you doing? Do you like sex?"

Well, about important, how to make an appointment in Moscow.


If you would like to invite me as your guest at hotel:
I need to know the hotel address, room number, your name ( or registered name). I may do friendly call to your room.
 It's nessary to know this information as I am a visitor of the hotel. I can confident that you're a real person.
I am discreet, don't wear vulgar clothes.
All information you share with me is a secret between us and I don't have any idea to keep it or share. I expect from you the same.
By the way, I am happy to meet you again.
Thank you for attention and understanding


Miki: 2019-07-15 02:53:19 Lina for the explanation